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I am Nelson, a versatile tech and business writer from one of the dominant countries in Africa.

I am captivated by technology and how it has transformed our world. Who knew that ALPHABET (the company commonly known as Google) would be heading towards one trillion dollars in value when a few years ago the founders once thought that selling their company for just a million dollars would be a great deal?

Robots, Virtual reality, The App economy, Social media, Big data, and IoT (the internet of things) are the technological advancement that are already here with us and who knows what next?

Granted, technology has brought several advantages, but I am also aware it has unleashed some challenges as well. There was a recent study recently that some private companies now have massive data on most of us, we are talking about data that infringes on our rights to privacy.

Yes, I keep up with the developments in technology and business (entrepreneurship), I also believe in striking balance in my approach to issues, and that’s part of what you will get for your business while we work together.

Just as the name of my website implies, I am your CREATIVOOR. You will tap into my knowledge vaults in technology and startup trends as well as relevant research and studies that help me provide creative content that will engage your readers. I have written corporate profiles for over 25 companies and 100 paid articles for American businesses and blogs.

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